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Comprehensive Breast Center Redesigned for the Patients of West Michigan
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - The Comprehensive Breast Center within The Lacks Cancer Center on the Saint Mary’s Health Care campus announced today that it has undergone a total redevelopment of its dedicated breast facility and its services. The Patient-Focused Space The Comprehensive Breast Center is now located on the 2nd floor of The Lacks Cancer Center in a contiguous, patient-focused 7,200 sq ft space that allows the patient to easily go from screening, through diagnostics and into treatment consultation within one warm, inviting space. The space has been totally renovated to include state of the art patient-focused space for both patients and the providers of the Comprehensive Breast Center. Patients easily enter the Center and stay within a dedicated and comfortable space for the entire diagnostic process. The Smarter Mammogram The Comprehensive Breast Center now offers the state’s only coordinated High Risk Program, where patients are screened for their breast cancer risk at the time of screening mammography. Our new High Risk services originate with our MammoPlus™ service. What is MammoPlus™? Each patient at all Saint Mary’s Health Care screening mammography locations such as Saint Mary's Southwest, Saint Mary's Lab & Radiology East Beltline and The Lacks Cancer Center at Saint Mary’s will be offered the National Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Risk Assessment as part of their standard screening mammography service. If a patient’s Risk Assessment result meets the identified Saint Mary’s threshold for further evaluation, our High Risk Program Breast Health Navigators contact the patient immediately to answer their questions and to schedule them within our new High Risk Clinic, should they elect it. Focus on High Risk like No Other It is estimated that 1 in 50 patients evaluated by a primary care physician is at increased risk because of his or her family history. Failing to identify these patients may have significant health consequences for the patient and the patient’s family. Saint Mary’s is changing all of that. “We are pro-actively screening the patients in our service area for their breast cancer risk… so that we may provide them with breast cancer screening that is specific to their own risk level, not simply standard screening practices. We are actively looking for who is at highest risk and we will monitor them closely. We strive to detect cancers at their earliest stage, regardless of risk, but knowing a patient’s risk allows us to detect a cancer earlier.” says Jamie Caughran, M.D., Medical Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center. Many of the known breast cancer risk factors, such as age, family history, age at first full-term pregnancy, early menarche, late menopause, and breast density, are not easily modifiable. “However, other factors associated with increased breast cancer risk such as postmenopausal obesity, use of combined estrogen and progestin menopausal hormones, alcohol consumption, and physical inactivity are modifiable.” Says Danielle Adamczyk, PA-C, the High Risk Program Coordinator at the Comprehensive Breast Center. The High Risk Program within the Comprehensive Breast Center looks at the patients risk profile and develops a plan that monitors her, based on her specific risk factors and helps reduce her risk where possible. Navigation The Comprehensive Breast Center now offers navigation services to its patients from the moment they need assistance with additional images or the diagnostic process. This is a very unique service. Most national breast centers offer navigation services only to patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. “Here at Saint Mary’s, the patient experience is paramount in our minds. That experience can only be enhanced with assistance in navigating the diagnostic process for breast disease,” Kenda K. Klotz MPA, RN, Clinical Services Director. The New Services Also added to the list of new services within the Comprehensive Breast Center are: Rapid Results, access to the entire diagnostic process within the same day, and our Survivor Partner Program, where we pair newly diagnosed patients with specially-trained breast cancer survivors for support and more. The Team The Comprehensive Breast Center offers the services of the region’s only fellowship-trained breast surgeon, Dr. Jamie Caughran and her colleague Danielle Adamczyk, PA-C. Danielle also acts as the Center’s High Risk Program Coordinator. Also part of the Comprehensive Breast Center’s Multidisciplinary Team of providers are a key team of radiologists with a special interest in breast imaging, and the ongoing Multidisciplinary Breast Team that meets with newly diagnosed patients each Thursday in the Comprehensive Breast Center. Uniquely at The Lacks Cancer Center, a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient meets her entire treatment team all at once and has an opportunity to be part of her care planning. The Comprehensive Breast Center officially reopens its doors on September 20, 2010. Join us! For access to our High Risk Program or any of our other specialty diagnostic or treatment breast services call our dedicated Breast Center Triage Coordinator at 616.685.5398. For your personalized MammoPlus™ service call 616-685-4000 or 1-800-639-6266. The Comprehensive Breast Center is a Certified NQMBC™ Participant. Learn more about the Comprehensive Breast Center at Saint Mary’s at The Lacks Cancer Center at Saint Mary’s Health Care is West Michigan’s only dedicated cancer hospital and one of only 30 centers in the nation chosen as an NCI Community Cancer Centers Program. The Center is also a member of the Mercy Cancer Network, one of Michigan’s largest cancer care networks. Learn more at

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